Celebrating the fun of the Saturdays of our youth while navigating adulthood today!
Back of the Cereal Box

Back of the Cereal Box

Back of the Cereal Box is a pop culture podcast celebrating the fun of the Saturday mornings of our youth while navigating adulthood!
Hosted by the "Prophet of Pop Culture" John B. Pyka with Dee Bartee, Ivy Roman, and Willow Skylor, with Melissa Stecher!


Its 100% Non-Toxic and the only podcast with 8 essential vitamins and minerals! Let's open the box and see what's inside...

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Recent Episodes

Saturday Morning 1978!

Dec. 3, 2022

It's Johnny's Birthday and we take a look back to his favorite birthday in 1978 and the Saturday Morning Shows in 1978! Plus will will take a Saturday 1978 quiz live on air with YOU, our audience! 100% non-toxic and the only…

2nd Year Anniversary Super Show!

Nov. 28, 2022

2 years, and 100 weekly episodes! It's time to celebrate with a supersized anniversary show! John B. Pyka, Dee Bartee, Willow Skylor and Sarah Jenkins welcome back previous guests and co-hosts and audience super fans into th…


Nov. 21, 2022

SATURDAY 1992: BATMAN VS. DARKWING DUCK! John B. Pyka, Willow Skylor and Sarah Jenkins are back in the virtual rec room to share memories of Saturday, 1992 - in particular Batman the Animated Series vs Dark Wing Duck! PLUS M…

X-Men Animated Series at 30!

Nov. 9, 2022

Special Guest co-host Ryan Permison joins John B. Pyka in the virtual rec room to talk about the X-Men Animated Series 30th Anniversary! Plus Johnny shows off some new loot, shares a review of GI Joe: The Saturday Morning Ad…

Godzilla's Girlfriend!

Nov. 7, 2022

John B. Pyka and Willow Skylor welcome special guest Marccella, AKA Godzilla's Girlfriend to talk all things Godzilla in celebration of Godzilla's birthday! Marccella is an actress who is elevating brands, books and busines…

Cereal Boxers After Dark Halloween Spooktacular!

Nov. 2, 2022

It's the 5th Sunday of the month AND it's Halloween! Willow Skylor is joined by the other Cereal Box Network hosts George Buehler and Ryan Permison! Twas the night before Halloween, and all throughout the network our broadca…

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About the Hosts

John Pyka Profile Photo

John Pyka

Back of the Cereal Box Producer/Host

John B Pyka “The Prophet of Pop Culture” is the creative genius behind the madness! John has had an extensive career as a professional entertainer and storyteller. As a producer and director, Johnny directed and hosted over 117 consecutive episodes of Tales From The Geek on ComicsPriceGuide, and over 130 consecutive episodes of Comixstravaganza on GraphicPolicy. Those shows averaged a viewership of 80,000 and 108,000 views over week respectively. John was also the producer and host of the Dieselpunk Podcast for 10 years, averaging over 10,000 downloads per episode! John knows how to create and audience and is on pace to strike gold again with Back of the Cereal Box!
John is also the author of 4 books on magic, including the industry best-seller Theatrical Magic. His first novella Night Reich will be published by Seventh Star Press in the Spring of 2021, and his original comic series The League of Impossibilists will be available in digital and print format in the Summer of 2021! 10,725 Social Media Followers

Dee Bartee Profile Photo

Dee Bartee

Back of the Cereal Box Host

Dee Bartee has been John Pyka’s broadcasting partner for over 10 years, having appeared as one half of “The Power Couple of Pop Culture” on Tales From the Geek and Comixstravaganza. Dee is a talented model, actress and photographer and is the only member of the BOTCB family that can boost a restraining order from former Superman actor Dean Cain! She is also the only cast member who thoroughly rejects breakfast cereal!

D'Elle Memphis Profile Photo

D'Elle Memphis

I-Scream Queens Host

D’Elle Memphis is the madness behind I-Scream Queens, the BOTCB series that covers the horror and gothic sides of geek pop culture! “The Pinup Cosplayer” is recognized at conventions throughout the Southeast US for her stunning cosplays that fuse her love of rockabilly pinup and comic book characters! She is the lead singer of the jazz/blues band The Murdering Crows and is no stranger to geek pop culture broadcasting. She hosts a regular product review show called Digging Deeper on her own YouTube channel! The first album from the Murdering Crows is titled 4 Bad Crow and is available on Apple Music, Amazon and anywhere you get music!

Geek Gumshoe Profile Photo

Geek Gumshoe

Geek Gumshoe Host

D.E. LaRiviere AKA the “Geek Gumshoe” is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker with 15 years’ experience as a police detective. D.E. is an instructor in the fields of photography and crime scene investigation and is an expert in computer and cell phone forensics. He is the investigative contributor on Cryptid Crunch providing forensic and investigative commentary about featured stories, with a slightly irreverent skeptic bent. D.E. is also a popular convention cosplay photographer (Toy Robot Visuals) and one of the founding members of the band The Murdering Crows!

Kelly Guentner Profile Photo

Kelly Guentner

Cosplay Cafe Host

Kelly Guentner started as a guest on the show and became the first personality to host her own BOTCB spin off show! As the host of the Back Issue Breakfast Club, Kelly couples her encyclopedic knowledge of comics with her unbearable likability to create on of the most refreshing shows in digital entertainment! Kelly is one half of the popular cosplay duo Phoenix Sisters Cosplay and the host of Drunk Comics on her own Phoenix Sisters Cosplay YouTube Channel! She is also the author (Kelly Edwards) of the supervillain urban fantasy novel Scorcher: Forces of Nature! It’s available wherever books are sold, and a sequel is on the way!

Crayle Vanest Profile Photo

Crayle Vanest

Co-host, Cosplay Cafe

Crayle Vanest is one half of the Phoenix Sisters Cosplay duo. She is also a freelance editor and the owner of Pokeballs by Crayle, a small business dedicated to Pokemon-related crafts. She has a deep love for anime, comics, and Disney and loves finding new ways to express her love for these fandoms.

Lauren Knight Profile Photo

Lauren Knight

I-Scream Queens Co-Host

Lauren Knight AKA GeekyGothicGamerGirl is a cosplayer and TikTok personality. She’s known for her comedy TikTok skits and gothic alt girl gender bent cosplays. She was the lead singer of The Right Mistakes and rewrites popular songs into parodies. She is 1/3 of the I-Scream Queens, covering horror and gothic flavored goodness!

Kat Malone Profile Photo

Kat Malone

I-Scream Queens Co-Host

Kat Malone is a West Tennessee native who grew up watching horror films and frequenting every heavy metal show that she could get her foot in the door. She’s always had a natural love for entertainment of all creations that are creepy. Kat is a pin up enthusiast who curates her style from the mediums of goth and horror. When it comes to adventure, she’s not afraid to dive into the supernatural, hauntings or ancient mysteries!

Melissa Stecher Profile Photo

Melissa Stecher

Back of the Cereal Box Co-Host

When she's not reminding people to Stay Hopeful, she's building her son’s character by being the ‘weird’ mom. With passions spanning from organizing to fandoms, one never knows what color will spill out. Her ‘Nerd’ badges include a funko pop collection expanding over 200+ pieces, an unexpected obsession with chainsaws and bringing out my inner Marcus Fenix, occasional cosplaying for GenCon that sometimes include duet costumes with her son, and of course any books, movies or music that take her on an adventure! If happy, hopeful, nerdy, and weird had a picture- it’d be Melissa

Willow Skylor Profile Photo

Willow Skylor

Cryptid Crunch Host

This self proclaimed Social media Socialite is a huge pop culture nerd, who enjoys a plethora of hobbies. From cosplaying to collecting and restoring classic Mopar vehicles with her husband. She has been broadcasting online since 2006, her long time dream has been to break into the broadcasting industry.
Willow is the Program Director for The Hangin’ With Web Show TV Network, where she hosts Willow’s Pillow Talk and Co-hosts Reels & Heels on Saturday afternoon. Find her here on The Back of the Cereal Box Network every first and third Sunday of the month on Cryptid Crunch, with Keisha Acuff and Johnny, as well as BOTCB After Dark.

Keisha Acuff Profile Photo

Keisha Acuff

Cryptid Crunch Co-Host

Keisha Acuff is an artist, writer, podcaster and youtuber from rural Illinois. You can watch her on Cryptid Crunch as well as her personal channel Acuff Creations. She lives on her family farm. And has a strange fascination with creepy and Cryptid things.

Andrea Starnes Profile Photo

Andrea Starnes

Cosplay Cafe Co-Host

Andrea Starnes has been cosplaying for roughly 20 years, but a fan of most things geeky her whole life. Growing up, she and her three brothers spent much of their time playing X-Men in the backyard, reading comics, and creating. Not much has changed, except she no longer plays X-Men in the backyard. Instead, she dedicates her free time to make costumes from many fandoms, as well as original designs. Many of the costumes are used to be a cosplay volunteer, bringing joy to kids and the young at heart. She hopes to be able to share her decades' worth of knowledge with the next generation of cosplayers.

Shawn Connors Profile Photo

Shawn Connors

Back of the Cereal Box Co-Host

Shawn Connors is a computer nerd, single father, Christian , LVAD enabled, podcaster, podcast producer, content creator, sneakerhead and foodie! Besides serving as a co-host of the Back of the Cereal Box, he is the host of the 757 Renaissance Man, a podcast that empowers entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, creatives, and activists from the Hampton Roads area. He is also the host of The LVAD Nation podcast that features conversations with LVAD patients, heart transplant recipients, and caregivers, we discuss life before, during and after the LVAD.

George Buehler Profile Photo

George Buehler

Fanatic Forum Host

George Buehler is a proud, life-long geek!
Starting at the age of 3, he discovered his love for comic books with Avengers #163 and thus a collection that spans 43 years, began!
Aside from comics George has a passion for music, movies, video games and pro wrestling.
George spent almost 20 years in television broadcasting, both behind the camera and in front. For the past 5 years, George has hosted various podcast shows, but Fanatic Forum is his first solo venture.
George lives in Elizabethtown, KY with his wife Michelle and their 3 cats: Pepper Potts, Iris West-Allen and Carol Anne.