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June 8, 2022

Cereal Box Network at Bowling Green Comic and Toy Show!

Cereal Box Network at Bowling Green Comic and Toy Show!

Hey everybody!

It's George, your Fanatic, reporting from the Bowling Green Comic and Toy Show, held at the lovely Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

It's been a few years since your Fanatic has been able to attend a proper comic con, so I was definitely ready for a good time and the room was packed with con goers ready for the same thing!

For this con, I got to hang with Back of the Cereal Box host, "The Prophet of Pop Culture" John Pyka and that was a blast! Nothing like two super geeks getting to hang out all day!

At our table, we got to interact with con attendees and spread the word about the Back of the Cereal Box podcast and the multitude of other shows within the Back of the Cereal Box Network (like the Fanatic Forum! Live, Fridays @ 7pm eastern), all while playing games and giving out prizes.

There's nothing like a spinning, prize wheel to attract attention! If it works, it works!

As an added bonus, John recorded an episode of his podcast and I got to participate in person, for a change. We showed off loot, revealed personal information and sampled Cereal, of course.



On the menu was Red, White and Blue Captain Crunch, perfect for Memorial Day weekend. This was a tasty Cereal, reminiscent of Crunch Berries with more pronounced fruit flavor. The second Cereal was Trix Trax, a tie in for the upcoming Jurassic Park film. This cereal was classic Trix, but with marshmallows. Tasty but nothing too special in my opinion. Trix is a fine enough cereal, but way down on my list of favorites. Did you know that Trix smells and tastes slightly burnt, but then changes once milk is added? I didn't! SCIENCE!!!

Now as far as guests go, we had a range of actors, writers, artists, cosplayers and pro wrestlers.

Personal highlights, for me, were cosplayer Hannah K, who looked lovely, dressed in a classic Scarlet Witch costume that referenced both the comics and WandaVision.

Former WWE pro wrestler Duke "The Dumpster" Drozy was also a delight to speak to. He shared some great stories of his days in the ring as well as discussed the current wrestling product. Also, he had MASSIVE hands. I mean, I'm a big guy myself but I couldn't help but feel small next to Duke.

Now, of course, you can't talk cons without talking about the most important thing of all. The mere reason why we go to these things at all. I'm talking about that most glorious activity of all: NERD SHOPPING!

It doesn't matter if you want art, toys, comics, manga, crafts, whatever your flavor is, there is no greater excitement for me than getting to shop or browse for all of it, under one roof. It's Geek Walmart! (patent pending) For me, I'm mostly looking for comics. Occasionally, I'll see some cool figures or Funko Pops that want to come home, but typically I'm leaving with some funny books and this show didn't disappoint.

I grabbed some very nice back issues of Avengers, Thor and Captain America. I'm at a unique point in my collection where I'm finished with these runs and am now replacing copies. (It only took 43 years of collecting kids!)

Another highlight was grabbing a copy of a Bernie Wrightson book called Freakshow, that I haven't seen in many years.

I didn't break the bank this time, but definitely left with a hefty stack of books. The handmade lightsaber table was also very tempting, with sabers from every Star Wars character you could think of, but ultimately I had to pass. I'm still holding out on a function saber, but my Kyber crystal expedition has proven fruitless, so far. . .

Once our day at the convention wrapped up John, myself and a handful of friends had a nice meal and a better time, enjoying each other's company and being involved in enough geek discussions that would make a novice's head spin!

For me, it was personally fulfilling to get a table to agree with me that there is a distinct difference in smell, between old Marvel and DC comics. Go ahead. Test for yourself, I'll wait. See? DC smells like bubble gum, doesn't it? And Marvel smells like an old book store. This really only works on silver and bronze age books, by the way. Well, enough of that lesson.

All in all, I had a great time at the Bowling Green Comic and Toy Show. Not a huge convention, more of a smaller show and frankly that's fine with me. You don't feel as crowded and also get to spend a bit more time chatting with people there.

Perhaps I'll go to a bigger event this year, but if not, smaller, local shows like this one in Bowling Green sure fulfill that need to gather with other like-minded individuals. Follow Bowling Green Comic and Anime Show on Facebook for more information about future events. (It's a different name, I know)

And if you're in the following mood and have not checked out the Back of the Cereal Box podcast or Fanatic Forum, then what are you doing? Go now! It just might save your life! (Or not. I don't know)