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Sept. 27, 2022

Cereal Box Network makes an IMPACT

Cereal Box Network makes an IMPACT

Hey everybody, It’s George Buehler, your Fanatic Prime and I’m back with the latest adventures in geekdom.  This time I got to go on a field trip to Nashville, TN for a TV taping of IMPACT Wrestling.  The Cereal Box Network has just recently become a media partner with the wrestling company, so expect some more reports from us.

Accompanying me on this sojourn was my Jr. Fanatic Seth Moore, who is as big of a wrestling fan as I am and is always a good choice for trips such as this.

Our trip was a quick two hours, where we spent most of the time discussing wrestling and listening to the “Jim Cornette Podcast” (a bombastic and frequently controversial, retired wrestling manager who worked for all the top companies and an endless well of knowledge)

We got in town a little early, so we stopped at a local chicken and waffles restaurant and had a lovely meal.

We entered Skyway Studios for the show and were quickly met by the merch table, so I absolutely had to get a shirt. I went with a generic IMPACT Wrestling shirt. Simple yet effective.

Once inside the main performance area, Seth and I got a full sense experience of the lights and action of a TV taping for the weekly IMPACT show.  Our seats were in the second row of the cozy studio.  Though this is a national TV show, this studio reminds me of the intimate settings of a regional show or perhaps in the old territory days. Thanks to this, there isn’t a bad seat in the house! We made a couple of fast friends in our general vicinity. The atmosphere was electric and certainly family friendly due to the amount of young kids present.

Now let’s get to the action. . .

The previous night Impact held their annual Victory Road pay per view which was main evented by the three-way Barbed Wire Massacre match. The match was between Sami Callihan, Steve Macklin and Moose.  This was the next chapter in this back and forth rivalry between Macklin and Moose that has been egged on by Callihan. The barbed wire match was a brutal contest and to the crowd’s surprise Macklin won! Incidentally this was the first match of this kind that Macklin had participated in and was the dark horse.    

Victory Road was the main topic of conversation with the crowd and the fallout was going to flavor the evening’s programming. The crowd was going to be treated to 2 weeks worth of Impact Wrestling which will take us right into the next PPV event, Bound For Glory. Bound For Glory is one of Impact Wrestling’s two biggest shows and so the lead-in to this event would be jam packed! 

Night One of the taping was going to be main evented by the Monster’s Ball match between number one contender Masha Slamovich and GCW superstar Allie Katch. This was dubbed a “Pick Your Poison” match. Masha is the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship, currently held by Jordynne Grace.  Each opponent in the upcoming title match at Bound for Glory got to choose a “warm-up” match for each other and this is what the champ chose for her contender. A Monster’s Ball match is basically an anything goes match and the ring is littered with various weaponry.  This match saw tables, a door, trash cans, tacks and cut-up aluminum cans all used to bloody satisfaction. 

 The crowd was hot on this match for sure and as expected, Masha survived the Ball and had a mere week to heal up for her major opportunity.  You see, while Jordynne has been an extremely dominant champion, Masha has been on an impressive win streak and is the biggest threat Grace has seen.  Masha Slamovich is as fierce as she is fearless and could be the perfect foil for the “Juggernaut” Jordynne Grace.

For the following week’s taping the show was highlighted by a contract signing by these two ladies.  While the paper was signed by both competitors, the meeting turned violent quickly and the champ ended up going through the very table where she signed her contract. Their next meeting will be in Albany, NY for the title.

Both nights featured many more fun matches featuring other stars of IMPACT including Alex Shelly, Frankie Kazarian, Mia Yim, and Decay members Crazy Steve and Black Tarus, plus promos by the Honor No More faction but one more match was the other highlight of the evening and dared to steal the show from the ladies of night one.

Night Two of the TV taping was main evented by another contest between the aforementioned Moose and Macklin, this time with the chaotic Sami Callihan acting as the “special guest” referee.  During this match both competitors slugged it out with hard-hitting abandon without any interference by the referee. Basically Sami wasn’t doing his given job very well and this quickly turned into a No Disqualification match, though Sami certainly had a lot of taunts and comments that were CLEARLY heard without the benefit of a microphone.  The crowd ate it all up and frankly, if Sami wants to slow down with wrestling, he has a second career on the horizon. 

As things heated up in the fight, Sami suddenly became physically involved and dispatched both competitors. On the other hand, Sami pulled the unconscious Macklin and covered Moose for the 1-2-3. However this rivalry goes next remains to be seen but the final conflict for Bound For Glory will be epic for sure!

The IMPACT fans were super hyped up for the three hour show and their energy was endless!  Of course the excitement of getting to see yourself on TV helps. And just to be clear, the main difference between a live wrestling TV show versus a taping is the crowd only sees what is performed in the ring. Any “backstage” segments or interviews are recorded later for the TV show.

All in all Seth and I saw a great night of wrestling action and are certainly looking forward to covering more. If what happens in the next two weeks of IMPACT gives us any indication, Bound for Glory will be as Good Ol’ J.R. says a SLOBBERKNOCKER!


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