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July 23, 2022

Indy Pop Con 2022: Cereal Boxers Edition

Indy Pop Con 2022: Cereal Boxers Edition

Johnny, Crayle, and Melissa from the Back of the Cereal Box team had a blast at Indy Pop Con!

Johnny drove up from the Nashville area to Indianapolis, braving traffic and sky-high gas prices to make this wonderful event.

Crayle was there running her Pokeballs by Crayle booth.

@craylevanest Pokeballs by Crayle at Indy Pop Con! #pokemon #pokemonart #happysaturday ♬ littleroot town ~ pokémon lofi - Closed on Sunday

Pokeballs by Crayle partners with the Cereal Box network, and sometimes those products can be found on the Back of the Ceral Box tables at other conventions.

But at Indy Pop Con, Crayle got to return the favor by giving a Johnny a place to record and go live from at the event.

Johnny also found lots of other great vendors there, and did his walk through showing off local businesses, cosplayers, and more.

See his walkthrough in the video below.

You’ll notice that he couldn’t find any comic vendors though… Melissa to the rescue!

The convention was just had too much awesome stuff for Crayle and Johnny to be able to take it all in, we guess.

Speaking of Melissa, Crayle and Melissa, despite living in the same town all this time, finally got to meet in person! 

While Johnny and Crayle were busy working at the show, Kelly hosted the “While Johnny’s Away” version of Back of the Cereal Box’s Saturday morning show.

Crayle popped in to that for a moment too, though Johnny was still on the road.

Johnny also hosted two panels during the convention, Avengers 101, and Marvel vs. DC.

One attendee told Johnny that the Avengers 101 panel was the best panel he ever attended, which flattered Johnny greatly.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend, and Johnny, Crayle, and Melissa highly recommend Indy Pop Con to all.