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May 19, 2022

Marvel Plans for Captain Carter Will Thrill Fans!

Marvel Plans for Captain Carter Will Thrill Fans!


Earlier this week it was announced that Marvel is planning to bring a Captain Carter series to Disney+ in the next phase of made for TV MCU shows. 

What wasn't announced is what the series will include, and many fans were left wondering where this left Sam Wilson's Captain America?

Well, our sources inside Marvel Studios have shared with us that Captain Carter will be assembling a new team of heroes from across the multiverse. No, not the Avengers, but the a team loved by rabid comics fans, the multiversal team known as The Exiles!

Peggy Carter made her comic book debut in the pages of the Exiles as the puzzle quest version of Captain America. It is not hard to imagine the translation from that story to an MCU adaptation of the concept. 

Captain Carter will lead the multiverse-hopping team which is rumored to include MCU characters Iron Fist (Colleen Wing), Hellcat, Scarlet Scarab (Lyla from Moon Knight), and serving as transport will be Blink from the defunct Gifted TV show. Other names shared with us include girl power fan favorites like Monica Rambeau, She-Hulk, and the monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone!

Take this with a grain of salt, but our source told us to expect the series to end with the team fully assembled and ready to face the next multiversal threat!

What do you think? Is a Captain Carter led Exiles team a project you are ready to watch on Saturday afternoons eating cereal? Sound off in the comments!