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May 22, 2022

Midsouth Con – Cereal Boxers Edition

Midsouth Con – Cereal Boxers Edition

Baristas, and Scream Queens, and Johnny Quinn – Oh my!

Midsouth Con 38 was host to three of the Cereal Box Network shows and their showrunners in March of 2022.

We truly appreciate the ability to gather at the events we love, after going so long without being able attend conventions in 2020 and most of 2021.

What did we do there, you ask?

The Cosplay Café Baristas, i-Scream Queens, and creator of Back of the Cereal Box, Johnny Pyka, had a ball promoting their shows, encouraging people to come to the convention, and spending some much-needed time together in person.



Celebrity Interaction

Crayle was lucky enough to attend the MSC guest meet-and-greet. The meet-and-greet at MSC allows attendees to have dinner with several of the guests, so she got to sit at the same table for over an hour with fantasy artist Mitch Foust and comic book legend Bob Hall.

Both guests shared some amazing personal stories about their lives and works. Crayle is sure the food was great, but she was so enraptured by the celebrities that she hardly remembers what she ate.

Bob Hall later agreed to be interviewed by the Cereal Boxers while he worked on a commission. Johnny and Kelly were hugely honored to get up-close-and-personal with this living legend.




MSC, as Midsouth Con is know in the area, had some excellent cosplayers walking the halls, and the Cereal Box Network folks were proud to be among them.

Toy Robot Visual Arts was also kind enough to make sure we had some amazing photos captured.

Johnny cosplayed as Johnny Quinn (based on Harley Quinn, of course), and an original character from his Tales of the Decoverse series. He brought both characters to life on camera every chance he got.

The iScream Queens spent one day there as Batman villains, and another as Women in White. Both days they were totally spook-alicious.

The Cosplay Café Baristas split up the first day – with Andrea and Crayle doing Captain Carter and Sharon Carter, while Kelly did Evie from the Mummy (alongside a friend who was Ank-Su Namun). But the next day, they banded together as punk Sailor Moon characters. 



Attendee Interaction

We met so many amazing con-goers!

Tons of guests spun our prize wheel, took photos with us, and shared their thoughts on the geeky topics they’re passionate about.

Barista Andrea, who is a Memphis native, made some new friends that she didn’t know were local to the area before, and introduced the other Cereal Boxers to several local cosplayers, vendors, and guests.

Memphians were truly welcoming to the Cereal Box Network team members who were from out of town. They made sure we knew which comic books to check out, where to eat, and how to navigate the traffic in the area.

We added a few more thoughts, and interacted with some people via video on our channel throughout the event. Below, as an example, is our Sunday Fun-Day video we made at our table.



A New Partnership Emerges

Crayle’s business, Pokeballs by Crayle, also officially became a sponsor of the Cereal Box Network.

Johnny now sells a few Pokeballs at certain Back of the Cereal Box events, with some of the proceeds supporting the show and enabling new content creation, and some of the proceeds being donated to our official charity partner, Comics 4 Kids.

And this beautiful partnership debuted at Midsouth Con.

Learn more about her products here.


Our Contributions

The Cereal Boxers headed up or were guests on several panels and events while attending Midsouth Con.

In fact, they were so busy with panels and events that their Cereal Box Network friend, the Geek Gum Shoe, had to watch their table several times.


Cosplay Cafe

The Cosplay Café Baristas contributed to panels covering everything from the expected costuming and crafting topics, to Rick & Morty discussions.

Kelly also did a live reading of a selection from her novel, Scorcher, which is available on Amazon, or you can get a signed copy when you order from her website.

They also took tons of photos, and stayed up all night talking after the convention, as they’re rarely all three in the same place at the same time.


Back of the Cereal Box (John B. Pyka)

Johnny did a whopping NINE events as an official part of the convention schedule, in addition to several filming segments like the “Sunday Fun-Day” video higher up in this article.

He covered cosplay, podcasting, board games, topics of the strange and unusual, the intersection of geekery and social media, and even performed a magic show!


i-Scream Queens

The i-Scream Queens were busy, busy, busy as well!

The did five panels, mostly concerning horror, as you can imagine. But they also joined Johnny, discussing the rise of social media, and had some great cosplay contributions as well.

Their costumes also fit some of their panels, like dressing as Women in White for their Ladies of Horror panel. Now that’s commitment right there.


The Whole Cereal Box Network Team

As a team, we posted content from the convention and encouraged people to attend pretty heavily. Even those who couldn’t make it this year may have increased interest in attending next year.

The Cosplay Café Baristas alone posted more than thirty times between all of their accounts to let people know about the event and show off the fun they while there.

The Cereal Box Network is proud to support local conventions, and honored to be so much a part of them when given opportunities like the ones we received at Midsouth Con 2022.

As Johnny likes to say, catch you on the flip side, MSC.


About the Author

Crayle Vanest is regular contributor on Back of the Cereal Box (most often appearing on the Back Issue Breakfast Club episodes), and co-hosts Cosplay Café and Comic Books: The New Class.

To see (and hear) her talking about all the pop culture things she loves, visit craylevanest.com/craylevanestpodcasting