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July 13, 2022

Operation: Drop The Zero

Operation: Drop The Zero

Hello there!

Boy, do we have exciting news!

This week, Back of the Cereal Box was officially ranked in the Top 10% of Podcasts Globally by Listennotes, the leading podcast ranking site!

We were only able to accomplish that due to the help of fans like you. Thank you!

What's next?

Well, now our goal is to make it into the Top 1% - to drop the zero, and you can help by joining Operation: Drop The Zero.


It is easy to join the other Cereal Boxers in Operation: Drop the Zero and there are multiple ways to participate:

1. Listen to the audio podcast episodes at www.backofthecerealbox.fun or on your favorite podcast platform.

2. Share episodes with your friends. Post a link to your favorite episode on social media and tell other people why they should tune in!

3. Post a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify - make it good!

4. Watch the videos on Facebook or Youtube and like, comment, share and subscribe on the site you watch.

5. And contribute financially at www.buymeacoffee.com/cerealboxpod to help us upgrade, improve and create more great episodes for you.

By doing some or all of these things, you will join our superfan movement to move into that Top 1%. You will become a Cereal Boxer member of Operation: Drop the Zero!

Thanks in advance for your continued support! We literally could not do it without you, and together we can accomplish so much more!