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Nov. 6, 2022

Pokeballs by Crayle has an online store now!

Pokeballs by Crayle has an online store now!

Back of the Cereal Box partner, Pokeballs by Crayle, is happy to announce that they now have a full webstore.

She's even running a sale to celebrate the store's grand opening. 

If you’ve seen Johnny and the Back of the Cereal Box team at an event, you may have noticed some Pokeball dioramas beside Johnny’s book and the other Back of the Cereal Box merch.

While you’re still more than welcome to purchase Pokeballs at the table that way, you can now take your time deciding what to purchase or put in more customized orders.

Don’t know what Pokeballs by Crayle is?

Let Johnny give you the inside scoop in this video from Crayle and Johnny’s time together at Indy Pop Con.


And to thank all of our Cereal Boxer/Pokemon fans for all your support over the last year, Pokeballs by Crayle is offering free shipping to everyone who finds the site thanks to any Cereal Box Network show.

Just use the code: CEREAL when you check out.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out. https://craylevanest.com/homepage/