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Nov. 8, 2022

The Cereal Box Network <3s Readers!

The Cereal Box Network <3s Readers!

And readers <3 the network too.

Phoenix Sisters/Cosplay Cafe baristas, Crayle and Kelly, were a smash hit at the Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books earlier this month.

Kelly had an author table there, and was also able to promote the Cereal Box Network to several interested readers and other indie authors.

While you probably recognize Kelly in the photo above from the podcast Cosplay Cafe, you may not have known that she is also an independently published author.

She got a table at the book fair primarily to sell her Forces of Nature series, books 1 and 2 (available on Amazon and from her website, where you can get a signed copy mailed directly to your house). 

Kelly sold a whole stack of books, and met lots of other authors.

Crayle, who somehow managed not to make it into any of the photos from the day, also bought way more books than she planned on, on top of helping with the table set up and talking up Kelly's books. 

However, she also brought flyers for the Multiverse FunRaiser, a virtual charity convention hosted by the Cereal Box Network every January.

(“Hashtag: Always Be Promoting,” as Ryan of Comic Books: The New Class would say.)

The event flyers, as well as several naturally occurring conversations about herself and her booth assistant/editor, Crayle, led us to discover that the book fair had many pop culture aficionados who plan to join the Cereal Box Network viewing crowd.

Of course, it should be no surprise that readers love what our Network has to offer, as many of our show hosts and contributors are avid readers and writers themselves.

Keisha of Cryptid Crunch and our very own Prophet of Pop Culture, Johnny Pyka, are also authors.

So it’s quite natural that we would find so many people to connect with at a book festival. Especially one like SEWI BookFest, as they had some amazing writer’s workshops too.

Plus, the table looked great.

@phoenixsiscosplay Both Phoenix Sisters are here, repping Kelly's Forces of Nature series! #BookFair #Reading #BookTok #IndieAuthor #IndieAuthorsOfTikTok ♬ Superhero Music - ElectroAnimals

A few readers who said they loved superheroes but didn’t know where to start with comics expressed interest in Comic Books: The New Class.

The person in the awesome Cthulu Absinthe shirt wants to tune in to Cryptid Crunch.

Lots of people couldn’t wait to attend the indie author panels that are part of the Multiverse FunRaiser programming most years.

Our fellow geeks were out in force, and we loved it.

Do you know of a book fair you’d like to have a Cereal Box Network presence at??? Message us through any of our social media channels. We love opportunities to meet our viewers in person.

In the meantime, good reading and good night,
Crayle and Kelly (Phoenix Sisters Cosplay)