Celebrating the fun of the Saturdays of our youth while navigating adulthood today!
May 25, 2022

What is Back of the Cereal Box all about?

What is Back of the Cereal Box all about?

Have you ever wondered why this show is called “Back of the Cereal Box?”

We’ll tell you why.

Our founder Johnny is of an age where he didn’t have smart phones and tablets to entertain himself at the breakfast table.

So he and his friends grew up reading – you guessed it – the back of the cereal box while they ate their first meal of the day.

This flagship show, which spawned the entire Cereal Box Network, is began with remembering the way the cereal, the morning cartoons, and games and fun on the back of the box made so many of us feel as kids.

Now, even if you did grow up in the day and age of cellphones, we are still bringing you the togetherness of Saturday morning cartoons and other pop culture that one might discuss around the breakfast table.

Or over a bowl of ice cream with the i-Scream Queens, over a cup of coffee at the Cosplay Café, or anywhere else people gather to relax and relate to one another.

Saturday morning of course, never had enough time in it for us to all share in all of the shows, books, “toys,” and other things we love, so Johnny and his close friends launched the entire Cereal Box Network of shows.

We discuss new loot, remembering the fun of finding the toy in the cereal box.

We talk about the things we still love as adults that brought us joy as children, because what reminds you better of childhood than your favorite bowl of cereal?

We celebrate the fun of the Saturday mornings of our youth, while surviving adulthood.

That’s what it’s all about.

If you want to join us talking about our favorite cartoons, cereals, and other entertainment and passions, join our Facebook group, Back of the Cereal Box Saturday Morning Rec Room.

If you want to consider questions like, “who would win in a fight, Mr. T or Maverick from Top Gun?,” this is the group for you.

If you want to make sure you know what all of our new shows coming out are about, this is the group for you.

If you’re looking for a friendly corner of the internet, a little bit of sunshine in your day, this is the group for you.

Love you mean it,